Archaeological Site Machupitumarca

It is located in the rural community of Consachapi belonging to Pitumarca district, at an altitude of 3465 meters., Whose construction is part of the pre-Inca Canchis, Inca culture with subsequent occupations. The architectural style that defines it is the “drywall”, this archaeological site is divided into three sectors: Sector I: It is at a height of 3850 meters above sea level in the south east side consists of six enclosures rectangular plants deployed in three rows horizontal and vertical passages divided by the number 3, the end is 3 meters and the average is 1.90 m. Sector II: Located in the middle, occupying a small mound that has been adequate to the construction of walls, culminating in a flat space where evidence of a small enclosure is observed, corresponding apparently to a ceremonial space while used as a point observation, since this platform has the visual domain basin Ausangate both the top and the bottom. Sector III: Located in the bottom side North West, comprised of small enclosures that are located at different levels on the walls, with the following characteristics: a higher plane two enclosures of rectangular floors with openings that give are located toward a central courtyard on the interior walls and window openings presented by way of candles on the facade, interior and exterior walls have small sections of plaster plastered with clay, because this corresponds to the morphology of the housing structures Inka period,where tours can make all the wonder that presents.

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