Between January and July Cusco received around tourists 1250000!!!

Machu Picchu, for its historical value and its beauty is considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Madison Jara Barreto indicated that “Machu Picchu” is still the most visited national, also reported that foreigners that more visit the city of Cusco and its wonders are Americans, followed by Europeans, Asians and Latin Americans.

Barreto also reported being executed investment projects of sustainable tourism and creating new circuits involving cultural and historical adventure tourism, exotic tourism, tourism landscaped around Lakes in Cusco.

The Citadel of Machu Picchu is one of the largest architectural Incas, because it was built in a place that means facing the major topographical, but thanks to this rugged and inaccessible area, the citadel has some extraordinary landscapes. Today is universally known for their imposing ruins, and its unique location at the edge of an abyss whose bottom waters of the Urubamba River.

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