Birding Rally will be in Madre de Dios and Cusco!!!

Experts from different countries will compete in rally that will be held at “Madre de Dios” this November 27 to December 7.

In this land you can spot many birds. During those days came to our country experts from different countries such as United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil and Africa, who participated in the recording of birds.

The areas covered in this rally are Tambopata, Puerto Maldonado, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu.

The regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism of “Madre de Dios” Juand Carlos Arzola explained that this route there are places where you can see more than 800 species of birds.

This year the competitors will travel to many habitats, the winning team will be who recorded more birds. Here you can appreciate the Peruvian biodiversity.

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  1. maravilloso los coloraciones: )

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