Choquequirao is the second most important Inca city, it is the lost city or Cradle of Gold of the Incas. It is located in the Vilcabamba Valley, between Apurímac and the province of La Convención, in Cusco. The valley of Vicabamba is characterized by being a rain forest at an altitude of 3300.

The route to Choquequirao is a 145 km route, by asphalted road and 10 km of affirmed road to the town of Cachora, where the 32 km road is located. You can take a 4 to 5 day tour.

In Choquequirao you will observe terraces and buildings of different levels, from the lowest to the top. It is of an imposing architecture, being sister of the guard of Machupichu.

Choquequirao offers you some very beautiful landscapes, full of flora and fauna, which characterizes the valley of Vilcabamba; which is being fed by the Vilcanota river to later join with the Apurímac river. Also being the last refuge of the Incas. From Choquequirao you can see the imposing snow of the Salkantay. Another attraction is the 12 stone flames that can be seen on the platforms.

Choquequirao, is a lost  where the Incas took refuge from 1536. Located in the Valley of Vilcabamba – The convention in the rain forest at 3300 m.s.n.m. This archaeological center is as important as Machupicchu. The journey begins in the  of Cusco. After 145 km of asphalted road and 10 of affirmed road arrives at the town Cachora, where it takes the road of 32 km surrounded by imposing landscapes, in the route we will be able to appreciate also the flora and fauna of the Apurímac Canyon the deepest in the world, until arriving at the “Cradle of Gold” of the Incas.

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