Designing city where space distribution is identified with the organs of animal, and whose overall shape is that of the animal in motion –the puma, requires the application of multiple sciences at their highest level of conceptualization and practice. The construction of the city of Cusco represented the synthesis of a great period, the Golden years of the Inka culture. Its urban beuty was an expression of combination of art and nature. The puma then became the principal archetype of the Inka culture, more important tan any other animal archetype with the exception of the kondor, serpent, llama and Hummingbird ; and not just a symbol of power and expansión. The Puma also represented the posture that the empire of the Children of the sun took to enlarge and enrich its territory, and thus form the tawantinsuyu. The Puma City was the center of the tawantinsuyu. From its heart, four paths or suyus,emerged in the four directions of the sun. It is from that heart that the Pancreas and Ayllus were distributed. Sensing an electromagnetic alignment, they visualized the presence of energy paths called seq’es radiating from Cusco the most important temples and wakas were along these lines.

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