Fauna Machu Picchu


The fauna Machu Picchu is indubitable that among many animals, the Andean camels were mostly used in pre-Columbian times. Among the archeological and osteological remains (zariqueyas), deers, vizcachas, quinea pig (cuy), snails and Andean dogs, he also saw butterflies, ants, puma heads, llamas, alpacas, monkeys, birds, snakes, ducks and many other species painted in ceramic. In metallurgical works he saw, heads of hummingbirds and fishes, in other materials he saw representations of anteaters, peccaries, and birds. This is irrefutable evidence that the fauna was very important in the Machupicchu area, and was part of the ancient peruvian way of life the most representative animals of the area are: More than 59 species of Arachnids, More than 58 species of Insects, More than 18 species of Molluses, More than 35 species of Amphibious and Reptiles, More than 500 species of Birds, More than 400 species of Mammals. fauna Machu Picchu


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