hostels in cuscoFrom the viewpoint you see the wetland Huacarpay it`s called muddy wetland areas itch reeds. it was declared a Ramsar site. This is the 1 the Ramsar site in Peru, is an area of high did migration. this is an area of high bird migration this wetland is the remnant of large lake called morkill originally size ranged from Cusco to Lucre in this wetland birds arrive more than 30 species, mostly in September, October and November. There are butterflies returning to Canada in 4th generation. Among the various species of birds, you can find hummingbirds or bearded and montañez and canastero. The birds come from North America and Central America making this an eminently attractive to ornithologists. The best time to see them is early in the morning and afternoon. As another interesting activity you have horse riding done around the wetland, allowing you to take pictures of the beautiful landscape, among other activities.

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