One of the architectural gems of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is the archaeological site of Pisac, is located on the slopes of a mountain, on the beautiful town of Pisac. If you visit the Sacred Valley, be sure to include the ruins of Pisac in your itinerary. The ruins are 25 minutes from the town, following the path down the mountainside. Remember that you will need the Tourist Ticket of Cusco, to enter the ruins of Pisac; You can acquire it completely or partially.

Pisac is one of Cusco’s few great Inca ruins that feature all types of architecture – agricultural, hydraulic, military, residential, and religious. It probably began as a military garrison to guard against incursion from the Ant Indians, who occupied the easternmost corner of the empire know as Antisuyo (present-day Paucartambo and the Manu jungle).

Artisan market of Pisaq

In its main square, under centuries-old trees, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, artisanal fairs are held, which are very popular because of the diverse and colorful textile textiles and varied decorative ceramics offered there.

Cerro Ñust’ayuj or ChakaChinpa

In the lower third of this hill of Pisaq there are twenty Inca platforms, the asphalted road enters there in the ravine; this group of platforms is called Chaka Chimpa which means “on the other side of the bridge”; in the upper third of the hill there is a natural formation with a human figure, it looks like a peasant woman with a jacket and a bundle on her back. In front of the hill where is the Inca city of Pisac, in southwest direction and on the other side of the Vilcanota river rises this hill that is part of the Pacha Tusan chain.

Sunday Masses

The inhabitants of this town of Pisac and the nearby peasant communities are eminently Catholic, so they are not oblivious to the celebrations of the Eucharist. In the temple of Pisac, a Sunday mass is celebrated in Quechua with the assistance of mayors or varayoc wearing native clothes and accompanied by the sound of pututos.

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