Sumak Andean

Sumak Andean offers an eco-friendly tourist experience in the Cusco region, which is located in the Andes. Our objective is to expose our visitors to rich culture of the district of Maras, which is at the entrance of the Sacred Valley, and at the same time collaborate in the promotion of the local economy and the preservation of the cultural heritage that has existed since the Inca . The sumac Andean proyect is a way in which one can easily come to understand the cultural differences and experience not only a new world view but a different way of living. In Maras, the way of life is a mix of reciprocity and solidarity with a timeless connection to the land and its ancestors.

The town of Maras opens its heart and tells stories through crafts, cuisine and daily customs, while offering a wide variety of products and services to its visitors. Maras and its surrounding communities still maintain rich cultural traditions to this day. Sumak Andean helps visitors experience the rich culture by organizing community events such as religious festivals and other cultural traditions. Sumak Andean awaits your visit and warmly welcomes you to the Sacred Valley.


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