In Vilcabamba Cusco is the archaeological complex of Espiritu Pampa, which means “Field of the Spirits “at the beginning of 2011 were found the most important remains of the “Lord of Wari” which “have surprised the world” because it is a character in elite of culture “Wari”, Espiritu Pampa was not just the last bastion of Inca resistance to Spanish but there flourished an important settlement before Wari, which certainly   was known by the Incas. Geographically located on the eastern slopes of the Andes, in the midst of a typical humid subtropical forest of high forest in the Urubamba River basin.

In Inca times was linked with the archaeological site of Machupicchu with a complex network of Inca trails, you can now easily connect to these well-known potential of Machupicchu and Choquequirao.Its flora  and fauna of high forest and its topography is also called the attention of visitors, this archaeological site has several buildings that are now restored.


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